Benefits of membership


Membership in the General Contractors’ Section includes membership in the Toronto Construction Association (T.C.A.) as well as integrated membership into the Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA) and the Canadian Construction Association (C.C.A.).

Members and non-members are continuously affected in their operations by negotiations performed by Section staff. As an Employer under agreement with any one (1) or more of the six (6) civil trade unions, you should have a say in the affairs affecting your business operations. It is important to note that membership in the General Contractors’ Section does not bind a company to collective agreements. Only those companies already bound by one or more of the six civil trade unions are eligible for membership in the Section.




Members enjoy professional staff and certain retainer services of legal counsel in the event of grievances, threatened work stoppages, and jurisdictional disputes, as well as any labour related matters that may affect the General Contractor. Management rights are of prime interest to staff who will act on your behalf to resolve labour issues affecting your business.



We frequently produce construction labour relations bulletins, which are distributed to all member companies. These bulletins contain a variety of information including commentary regarding recent Ontario Labour Relations Board decisions and collective bargaining updates. Only through membership in the GCS will you obtain these bulletins with important information crucial to your business.



Staff is available to assist Employers with the interpretation of collective agreements, wage rate information, travel zones, and other labour relations needs that may arise.



The General Contractors’ Section takes a very keen and active interest in ever-evolving legislation, which may affect your business.

Personnel referral service


The General Contractors’ Section is often a point of contact for construction professionals searching for employment and General Contractors seeking qualified construction personnel.

As a member, you will receive bulletins when we are contacted by such candidates who may be of interest to your organization. The Section retains these resumes on file and forwards them to members upon request.

Membership fees